1. Where is the best place to have the party?

Best place to do the party is a driveway or the front lawn of the house

2. Do I need to clean after the party?

The foam dissolves by itself and there is very minimal cleaing if any. We will take care of that

3. Do I get a refund back if I cancel my party?

You can cancel your party free of charge if you need to cancel 7 days or more before the party. If you have to cancel within 7 days to the party, we will issue a 50% refund and if you have to cancel 24 hrs or less before the party, NO refund will be issued

4. What are the contingencies for bad weather?

In case of bad weather, you will be able to reschedule your party to a different date or time (same day) or receive a full refund.

5. How many kids can attend the party?

A: Up to 20 kids can attend the party. If you have a party larger than 20 kids, please contact us first The Bubble Truck will do it’s best to arrive exactly at your reserved time. Due to potential travel delays, the truck may be as much as 20 minutes late. In the event that the Bubble Truck is running late, the driver will call you on the phone number provided at booking.

6. What is the best type of clothes to wear?

We suggest children wearing a white t-shirt as there will be color powder involved. A white t-shirt is recommended to experience this to the fullest

7. What areas of town do you service?

We service the Dallas area. If you are outside Dallas, please contact us first to make sure we can service your area

8. What happens if the truck breaks and you cannot come to the party?

In the event that the truck breaks, we will send another vehicle with an alternative Foam Machine. If the alternative vehicle cannot come either, we will issue you a full refund.

9. Where will you park the truck?

The truck is fairly long, please have vehicles removed form the front of your house to make sure there is enough space for the foam truck

10. What happens if you are late?

Although we try to be there on time, please allow up to 15-20 mins for the truck to get to your party

11. Is the foam toxic?

Our foam is 100% toxic free. This makes it safe for you, your kids and the planet. Our foam is not made of soap, but it is 100% naturally organic without petroleum or any harsh ingredients.

12. Will the kids get wet?

YES, while not soaked like with a garden hose, the more the kids play in the foam the wetter they will get. Plan on having the kids change their shoes and/or pants when the foam is over.

13. Do the kids need to wear goggles or face protection?

NO, our solution is 100% Toxic Free and will not irritate their eyes. Here are some recommendations that we suggest: 1) Make sure the kids are not rubbing their eyes/face with their dirty hands. 2) When trying to remove the foam from their face, the more they rub their face/eyes with a towel or shirt they can irritate their face. Dabbing their face with a clean towel or using the back of their hands is ideal.

14. Is the foam slippery?

Our foam is not made with soap, gels or petroleum and essentially just breaks down to water. But water can be slippery depending the location you are doing the foam. You should never do this on a slippery surface. Best places we recommend is a concrete surface or driveway. When in doubt take a glass of water pour it on the surface you are considering, if your shoes are slippery on that area then it will be slippery.

15. Is this safe for my grass/lawn?

YES, our product is Toxic Free but the longer people are playing on your grass several things may happen: 1) Grass can get broken down to mud. 2) Grass is slippery and some kids use that as a slip and slide. 3) Grass can become brown from lack of sun exposure. Artificial grass is an excpetion to this.

Did we answer all your questions?
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